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Industries is a leading architectural and engineering consulting firm based in the
Gulf & Jammu & Kashmir India. We are known for our practical excellence, our human
and technical capabilities to meet the needs of our customers, contribute to the prosperity
of our society. We work with individuals to build a life home with the same passion we
work with business leaders, we are happy to work with everyone and according to the
budget available to the customer.

7 years of design and perfect Construction operation
Dates back to 2015, when Amir Ahmad Mir & Mumtaz Muhammed Jahangir started Work
in Saudi Arabia in Design & Construction Work where we met with leading technology
architects and engineers. Since then, and through the hard work has been established
and provide innovative design solutions in the format of Tazmir, where the system has
grown organically to become one of the leading architectural and engineering Construction
consulting companies in Jammu & Kashmir.
We offer our customers the quality of design Construction & Trading of Commercial &
Housing Building Materials in perfect harmony across architecture, engineering, interior,
landscape and urban design. We partner with our clients throughout the project lifecycle,
from feasibility studies, design ideas and even detailed engineering planning and design
to site supervision and project delivery. Since the establishment of the Design and
Construction Work in 2016, we have successfully implemented a wide range of
construction projects in Saudi Arabia. We have taken part in some of the most famous
architectural projects, including The View, Econa Tower, Green Care Hospital, House
Compound, and Pearl’s Kids and now From 2021 We Have Started Same Work in Jammu
& Kashmir India.
Our team of technical staff, engineers, technicians and support staff includes a
multidisciplinary and multicultural family, led by experienced management and
inspiration. Together, we believe in the design of projects that are effective, dynamic,
contextual, sustainable and beautiful. We design as a practical and ideal endeavour, and
aim to solve daily problems and explore new possibilities.