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The hallmark of Tazmir’s design style is the design of built-in environments to create a better life for its users.

To fulfill our promise – in any project – we maintain a comprehensive understanding of the economic, social, cultural and environmental elements of the solutions we offer to our clients. We appreciate that these areas may vary in importance among customers, and we take a practical view of the various conceptual and technical design strategies we adopt to achieve our values, whether in the design of an entire community, a complex of buildings or individual housing. We focus particularly on the symbiotic relationship between the building, its location, the regional, its cultural landscape, and the climate that must be designed to accommodate it.

We take advantage of the skills, passion and knowledge of our designers to create unique environments. Working together from the start of the project, architects and engineers combine their knowledge to develop integrated design solutions. And to ensure consistency and personal customer service.

Our range of architectural services covers:

  • Site analysis
  • Research case studies
  • Programming / Space Planning
  • Compliance with laws
  • The design concept
  • Development of design
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Building envelope design
  • Coordination with engineering design (structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing)
  • Building details
  • Specification of construction details and materials
  • Peer review