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Construction Tendering

Tender construction

To minimize risk, capital costs, and loss of revenue; we are working to ensure that the right contractor has the job.

in order to reduce the risk to project owners of the quality of fabrication in construction, in addition to additional incremental capital costs and loss of revenue due to contractor claims and delays in useful occupancy, Tazmir’s layout services include building tenders aimed at ensuring the selection of qualified contractors suitable for tender for projects, Ultimately, construction contracts are awarded to contractors in accordance with the best technical and commercial terms for entrepreneurs.

Services provided by Design Consult include part of the construction tender:

  • Pre-qualification of contractors to ensure that only commercially, administratively and technically qualified contractors are invited to bid for project construction. Capacity assessment is usually based on contractors’ responses to pre-qualification questionnaires and, where appropriate, face-to-face interviews with senior representatives of contractors.
  • Issue tender invitations for pre-qualified contractors with all necessary documents for tender, including instructions to bidders, tender form, contract contract form and contract terms, as well as design drawings, specifications, schedules and quantity invoices that determine the scope of the project. Contractors will be asked to provide information (among other information), senior management staff to be recruited for the project, key subcontractors and suppliers to be employed and any alternative proposals that may lead to reduced time and contract price completion of the project.
  • Conduct meetings to interpret bids with contractors as appropriate and respond to contractors’ inquiries regarding contract documents during the tender period.
  • Technical and commercial analysis of tenders received to determine the most technically and commercially relevant bids.
  • Negotiate with selected contractors after analyzing tenders to obtain the best possible contract amount commensurate with the technical compliance of the tenders.
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in awarding final project construction contracts.