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Landscape Engineering

In Tazmir Industries format, we believe that well-designed and attractive landscapes form the basis of viable communities.

The landscape infrastructure enriches the built environment and transforms it into desirable urban destinations through beauty and plants, conserving water and energy, restoring natural systems, managing rainwater, manufacturing places and using the community.

We offer site-specific solutions that include these values. The results can be seen in distinctly designed spaces that link people to local culture and the natural environment.

We practice across a wide range of project types and balances, including:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Commercial Spaces and Civil Areas
  • Urban gardens and open green spaces
  • Streets and Rivers revitalized
  • Residential; both public and private

Our landscaping services range includes:

  • Site analysis
  • Master Landscape Planning
  • Landscape design and documentation, from concept to detailed design, including plans and specifications for planting / soft cape, hardscape, landscape lighting, water profiles, outdoor furniture, irrigation
  • Analysis and evaluation of visual and visual effects

Landscape Engineering

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