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Urban Design

Urban Design Cities are at the heart of our economic and cultural well-being.

Ensuring that our urban centers are growing sustainably and capable of meeting the physical, social and economic challenges of the 21st century has become a major priority in the modern world.

In order to achieve a vision of sustainability and flexibility – for a city, town, county or development – we work simultaneously at the macro and small levels. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to urban design, landscape, transportation, and engineering. We look beyond the traditional planning requirements of physical space. Our experts look to the community’s livelihood, attractiveness, identity, safety and ability to provide people with a place to join.

We offer urban design solutions for:

  • New Communities
  • Multipurpose urban uses
  • Residential developments and complexes
  • Universities
  • Building regulations and guidelines for urban design

Our urban design services include:

  • Site analysis for construction and / or natural environment, climate, landscape and local culture
  • Master planning, from concept to final design
  • Coordination with transport, civil and infrastructure engineering
  • Design guidelines and regulations